Students Don’t Care

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November 29, 2018

After a long profitable summer of cutting corners and increasing tuition, Acadia University has successfully earned the title of “The Most Expensive University in Atlantic Canada”. Building upon that momentum, the administration unveiled its ambitious “Campaign for Acadia.” The campaign focuses on four specific and decidedly descriptive themes; Transform, Inspire, Discover and Build. The Campaign for Acadia seeks to raise $75 million through alumni, student and community donations, whilst giving professors and the administration more money.

Upon further examination it becomes clear that the university took a lot of time to organize and plan this campaign, going to great lengths to make sure that the student body of Acadia was duly included in the process of deciding where the funds are destined (or at least one would hope they did). Evidencing this is the lack of areas for funding that students would never actually care about.

Not once does the Campaign for Acadia bother to mention a commitment to the environment or sustainability and, let’s be real, that’s not a pressing issue anyways. No undergraduate actually cares about what the state of the earth will be in twenty years, and why would they? It’s not like they were the ones that screwed the planet up, it is just not their problem.

Another topic that the organizing committee dutifully ignored was the ridiculous idea of investing in clean and renewable energies for the university. As a campus that prides itself on its commitment to Fair Trade and local products, it only makes sense to maintain that image of social responsibility and continue to honour its long-standing tradition of upholding relationships with fossil fuel companies. After all, why invest in the future? It’s not as though students care what Acadia does with the thousands of dollars they go into debt to provide.

In an attempt to fully understand the true goals of the administration, Acadia’s 2006 Strategic Plan was carefully analyzed. In contrast to the current Campaign for Acadia, the 2006 plan had eight themes as opposed to four. Unlike the incredibly descriptive and straightforward Campaign for Acadia, the Strategic Plan included themes such as, “Environment”, “Community Building”, and even, “Accountability”. Obviously, these themes were a mistake made by generations past. Students these days couldn't care less about the environment or holding the school accountable for the spending of their hard-earned tuition.

Acadia’s commitment to Transform, Build, Inspire and Discover really instils a sense that the administration is very in-touch with what the student body values. Students should feel relaxed and at ease that their money and interests are in the safe hands of Acadia, and will be addressed by their aspiring campaign. Forget commitments to our environment and transparency. What Acadia really needs is to “reimagine the Student Union Building”, “promote and facilitate lifelong learning”, and “enhance opportunities for visiting scholars”, because when it comes to values of sustainability and accountability, let’s be honest, students obviously don’t care.

Thanks to Caroline Beddoe, Wambaire Gichuki,Dugie Turner, Taylor McKnight, Cheyenne Turpin,  Freya Roberts, Daniel Robinson who contributed.

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