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Top 4 Ways You and Your Roommates Can Save Money For The Holidays

Brandon De Aguiar
December 13, 2018

The holidays season can be a depressing time of year if you’re a student, with people spending an excessive amount of money on their loved ones. By the end of it all you’ll probably end up in some debt. Fortunately, if you’re a student like me and have roommates, you can find some top notch workarounds on how to save money for upcoming holiday season.

1. Shower Together

Why waste money on taking separate showers? Think about how much water you’re  wasting, there’s no way that can be good for the environment. Next time when you decide to wash yourself, don’t be a prick, ask your roommates to jump in the shower with you. Who cares if you’re naked? What’s a little skin between friends?

2. Share the same bed

Mattresses can be expensive, especially if you want a good one. So why settle for something cheap just for yourself if you know it’s going to break in a year or so. Be smart this year and convince your roommates to go splits on a king size mattress. Hell, go for a queen if you want be more intimate with your roommates (highly recommend by the way).

3. Don’t buy sheets for your bed, just cuddle with your roommates instead!

In a world where taxation is theft and paying for heat should be outright banned, there’s no reason why we need to pay for more “warming” necessities. The human body is a natural heat source at a whooping temperature of 98.6 °F. Why take that for granted? So when you all finally get that shared bed like I suggested, don’t get bed sheets, just wrap yourself around your roommates instead and absorb their heat.

4. Share The Same Romantic Partner

Do you know how many times I outright couldn’t get a date because of money? Zero, but besides the point, I feel like for the average Canadian that’s a major issue. So instead of wasting 100 dollars a week on your date, alternate with the dates of your friends. If you only take your date out once a month then you could save a crap-ton of money. Also the upside with this is that not only are you and your roommates saving money but you have all found love. Plus, it’s one more thing you guys have in common. In fact, why not just skip the middle person, ditch your date, and finally let go of your urges for your roommates instead. I mean, you guys already shower together, share a bed, and cuddle with each other, might as well do the horizontal yankee doodle while you’re at it.

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