Sony Pictures Announces Another Spider-Man Reboot With Jim Parsons, Memes and "Spicer" Content

After the major success of Venom, Sony executives lost their shit when they found how much of a box office hit the film became. The only problem with this is now...

Song Analysis: Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ ‘Otherside’ Shatters Societal Norms On Sexual Preference Before Its Time

'Otherside' is a song created by the rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers in 1999 when they finally decided to stop singing about California for once...

Tips On How to Take Photos Like This Bird Who Is Cuter Than You

Some days it’s harder than others to wake up and continue absolutely slaying and living the best life you know you’re meant to be...

The Tower Chronicles 1

About a week ago I was contacted by the RA team of Crowell Tower and asked to investigate “super spooky” occurrences on the 13th floor...

Lizard Overlords of the World: Axe Radio Coordinators... Part 1

Lizard people are a “conspiracy” that has taken the world by storm. Illuminati has nothing on these lizard people. They are able to transform into anybody.




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