Why You (and Both of Your Friends) Should Get Bowl Cuts

As the years barrel onwards trends come and go transforming the sex symbols of yesteryears into outdated goobers through a modern lens. If the ancient Greeks...

Wine About It

What wine pairs best with beef? Which brand should you take to that event that feels more like obligation than socialization? As is often the case with alcohol...

Students Don’t Care

After a long profitable summer of cutting corners and increasing tuition, Acadia University has successfully earned the title of “The Most Expensive University in...

Big Produce is Hilarious, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Reviewing Everything in My Fridge

From milk to raw chicken, Adrian "The Food Dude" Filice has decided to share his opinion on the food items in his fridge.

Top 5 Reasons why Dartmouth Needs The Smokestacks

Environmentalist want to take down the smoke stacks, but it's 2018 who cares about the world anymore? Dartmouth's smoke stacks are one of gods many gifts...

Top 5 Best Shapes, Ranked

We at Buzzfee- er.. I mean The Hatchet like to have our fingers on the pulse of what millenials are asking of us in terms of content. Our omniscient and...

Who wants to be a millionaire?

This just in! The coordinating staff of the hit show, Who wants to be a millionaire, has had to review its application process after a sudden influx of close to...




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