Brian Gallant promises MLAs “literally anything” in exchange for premiership

After a confusing provincial election, New Brunswickers were looking forward to a speech from the throne that would offer some clarification on the future...

Cannabis Legalization

Today marks the day that the Liberal Party of Canada successfully legalizes recreational marijuana across the country.

Bernier Tricks Conservatives into Liberalism

What’s better than one center-right and two centre-left political parties? Of course, the answer is two centre-right and two centre-left! Nothing is more...

Republicans Watch Out: Top 10 Reasons Why Joseph Stalin Was Actually a Neo-Conservative Capitalist




… Better that you don’t know.


Virgo, your attention to the most minute details will get the best of you this finals season. Your trivial fixations will eventually make you go insane and your friends are going to have no choice but to check you into the nearest psych ward.


A person from your past might be holding you back from enjoying the present. Buy a knife. Free yourself.

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