Adrian Filice


Big Produce is Hilarious, Here’s 5 Reasons Why


Reviewing Everything in My Fridge

From milk to raw chicken, Adrian "The Food Dude" Filice has decided to share his opinion on the food items in his fridge.


Mud Creek Mayhem

This past week an anonymous local man spent hours in the waiting room of Mud Creek Medical before anyone would assist him with his four severed limbs....


Stress on Seminary

Tourism can be a ruthless and unpredictable industry in this world and the next. For all of you who only have five senses, Seminary House has been in a bit of hot...


ASU Not Catering to the Needs of Pirate Students

Many complaints have been received this week from a minority group of students who live their lives on the high seas. These students have made several claims...


STFX Transfer Student Can’t Take the Crows

Acadia University has seen an influx of students transferring from alleged university, St. Francis Xavier. When asked about why they transferred, they gave a...


Alexa’s Rude Awakening

here is no doubt that we live in our lives constantly surrounded by technology. This technology, it would appear, is becoming more human...


The Hatchet Buried?

On Saturday September 15, a focus group was held in a secret location by the heads of Axe Radio to decide on a name for their new newspaper. At the top of the....




Communication doesn’t always have to involve talking, nonverbal cues are just as important. So when you get backhanded at the bar, it's probably time to leave her alone.


So.. we’ve all been talking, and.. well, I hate to be the one to tell you this .. but everyone thinks you’ve been a bit of a dick lately. Even that annoying person in your friend group that everyone pretends to like agrees. So, while the new moon will supposedly bring major change, we aren’t holding our breath.


A person from your past might be holding you back from enjoying the present. Buy a knife. Free yourself.

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