Brandon De Aguiar


What Does the Ath Do- Like, Really Do?

We all see the Ath's name around campus. But no one knows what they actually do. Do they sell sandwich meat? Do they pay for my student loans?


Sony Pictures Announces Another Spider-Man Reboot With Jim Parsons, Memes and "Spicer" Content

After the major success of Venom, Sony executives lost their shit when they found how much of a box office hit the film became. The only problem with this is now...

Sports & Wellness

Top 4 Ways You and Your Roommates Can Save Money For The Holidays

The holidays season can be depressing a depressing time of year if you’re a student, with people spending an excessive amount of money on their loved ones...


Song Analysis: Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ ‘Otherside’ Shatters Societal Norms On Sexual Preference Before Its Time

'Otherside' is a song created by the rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers in 1999 when they finally decided to stop singing about California for once...


BREAKING: Woody Returns To Mic Mac Mall As a Giant Sex Toy

For decades now Mic Mac Mall’s finest Christmas hero “Woody” the Christmas tree has been on hiatus. Many children who grew up with the beloved tree still remember...


“Do You Hear What I Hear” to be banned from radio play due to taunting of deaf and blind people.

Last week it was decided that “Baby it’s Cold Outside” was to be banned from being played on the radio. Song analysts have determined the song promotes rape...


Top 5 Reasons why Dartmouth Needs The Smokestacks

Environmentalist want to take down the smoke stacks, but it's 2018 who cares about the world anymore? Dartmouth's smoke stacks are one of gods many gifts...


Teacher at Halifax-area High School Loses Their Shit When Student Takes Their Snickers Bar

The RCMP were doing their daily check-in at Cole Harbour High one afternoon, when they noticed an incident taking place in one of the classrooms...


Chopping dope in Wolfville: ‘The Hatchet News’ Interviews a Weed Dealer

With weed being legalized in Canada today many dealers are concerned about the impacts of legalization on their hard earned cash. Dealers have tried expanding....


Library Pub Loses Profits over Curry Night Incident

A major tragedy at the Library Pub occurred on September 26th, 2018. The Hatchet News reached out to a former employee, Brandon De Aguiar, for comment...




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