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You WONT Believe Who This University Hired To Run It's Student Newspaper

Wow! On September 24th the ASU announced that they had appointed a new Editor in Chief for the Athenaeum, the university’s official newspaper. In an attempt...

Sports & Wellness

ASU President George Philp Confirms Reason for Cheaton Cup Day Change

On Monday, September 24th The Hatchet’s executive team was contacted by George Philp, Acadia University’s lead decision-maker in regards to the university’s...




Just because others expect you to be the life of the party doesn’t mean you have to be. Sit in a corner and pout. Hopefully someone will have pity sex with you.


Wow... the stars are NOT happy with you. Honestly... no one is.


Communication doesn’t always have to involve talking, nonverbal cues are just as important. So when you get backhanded at the bar, it's probably time to leave her alone.

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