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Students Don’t Care

After a long profitable summer of cutting corners and increasing tuition, Acadia University has successfully earned the title of “The Most Expensive University in...


Acadia Student Government gets Violent to Suppress Student Journalism

Daniel Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of the popular and totally legitimate news site, The Hatchet, had a troublesome day after Acadia’s student government found out...


Axe Radio Declares Independence

This morning Axe Radio’s social media went viral when Acadia’s number one Internal Organization made the biggest power move in history...




Virgo, your attention to the most minute details will get the best of you this finals season. Your trivial fixations will eventually make you go insane and your friends are going to have no choice but to check you into the nearest psych ward.


It's time to get creative about the whole "dating" thing... Online dating/Tinder? Not for you... Blind dates? Nope! Standing outside someone's window with a boombox playing Peter Gabriel songs? Cheesy! Why don't you try writing a cryptic coded letter to the cutie eyeing you in the library? Try some runic symbols, go old school!


In the near future you will meet someone who will have a major impact on your life. Too bad you’ll immediately ignore them and forget who they are.

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